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Sustainability Performance Measurement Framework for the Product Life Cycle: An Application for the Wind Turbine Industry

Autor: Janmontree Jettarat | Herausgeber: Hartmut Zadek
Verlag: Zadek Management & Strategy GmbH, Magdeburg
Reihentitel: Zadek-Publikationen zur Logistik, Band 6, Dissertation

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ISBN13/EAN: 9783981812671
Erschienen: 03/2021 | Medientyp: Buch | Land: Deutschland | Sprache: Englisch

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In the past, it was common for companies to focus solely on economic success. Over the past decade this focus has changed. Due to diverse challenges such as globalization, climate change, scarcity of resources and aging of the population, the development of society cannot longer only give attention to quantitative economic growth. More and more companies are forced by legal regulations, reactions of stakeholders and customer requirements to act even more responsibly. Therefore, companies should reassess their business processes and redesign them in such a way that additional to the economic aspect, dimensions of sustainability regarding ecology and social responsibility are also taken into consideration. Some companies understand sustainability as a commitment for a future-oriented approach. In his thesis Mr. Janmontree examines three main questions: What is the state of the art to measure sustainability? How can the standpoints of decision-makers be methodically integrated into measuring the performance of sustainability? And how can all three dimensions of sustainability be integrated into measuring the performance of sustainability? While aspects of profitability have been measured, monitored and developed in companies by using key figures for decades, the dimensions of ecology and social responsibility often are neglected or are only monitored qualitatively. This thesis aims at developing a tool for measuring corporate sustainability and at determining a comprehensive sustainability performance that based on uniform criteria also enables a comparison with other companies. In his work, the author develops a sustainability scorecard to record and visualize quantitative and qualitative key figures. The development of a standardized scorecard gives also the possibility to implement another challenge: Today, not only the performance of an individual company is relevant, but also its performance within the supply chain. Due to the fragmentation of value chains, several companies are involved into the life cycles of products. In this respect, it is not sufficient if only one company is acting in a sustainable way in the supply network, but the consideration must be extended over the entire network. The scorecard developed by the author enables the assessment and mapping of the individual companies involved in the product’s life cycle. Aspects of disposal of the product as a phase of the life cycle are also included. Based on a case study of the product life cycle of a wind turbine, Mr. Janmontree developed the evaluation method and the scorecard. The author verifies the scorecard and the procedure by means of two companies from the said industry and validates the procedure with an extensive scenario analysis.


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