Unter dem Titel  „A multi-objective solution approach for the design and planning of real-life retail distribution networks” ist der 3. Band der Buchreihe “Zadek-Publikationen zur Logistik” im Dezember 2017 erschienen.

The planning of logistic networks requires tools that can handle their complexity in terms of planning decisions that need to be integrated and the effect of several criteria on their operational performance. Thus, it happens sometimes that in spite of high-quality models, solutions based solely on the optimization of costs are not suitable for practical application.

The dissertation of Paula Cristina Hayden Bofill offers a solution for the design and planning of secondary distribution networks within the retail sector. The author presents the periodic location-routing problem with time windows and depot balance, which integrates planning decisions on the location of warehouses, allocation of the retail stores, delivery frequencies and the management of round trips for the supply of the retail stores. Moreover, the model supports the decision process under the consideration of transportation costs and the balance of the warehouse operations throughout the week.

The solution approach might be applied to plan new distribution networks or to optimize already existing networks.

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